Suneetha Wijesuriya

First & Only Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist & 10 times Women’s National Champion in Sri Lanka

Women’s Fide Instructor (FI) Title for Suneetha

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Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist and 10 Times Women’s National Chess Champion Mrs. Suneetha Wijesuriya received the Women’s Fide Instructor Title from the World Chess Federation recently. Fide Trainers Commission (TRG) of the World Chess Federation conducted a seminar and an exam for the Sri Lankan Chess Instrutors at Royal College, Colombo on request of the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka. 

 FI Title for Suneetha

The best experienced Sri Lankan Chess Instructress; Mrs. Suneetha Wijesuriya got the necessary marks to receive this Fide Instructor Title. Other than the marks her received from the above exam, World Chess Federation has given the marks for her National and International Titles, for 16 years experience teaching chess, for the Women’s Fide Master Title, for publishing 5 chess books, for teaching chess through the printed and electronic media and her island wide promotional activities.

 WFM FI Suneetha

Mrs. Wijesuriya is the First and only Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist in Sri Lanka and she is the First Woman Fide Master and the First Woman Fide Instructor in the country.


She is the President and the Chief Instructress of the Anatoly Karpov Chess Club of the Russian Centre in Colombo and the Chairperson of the Lanka Chess Foundation and the Golden Square International Chess Association and the General Secretary of the Mercantile Chess Association also.